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Google Enterprise Profiles Testing Picture Slider

Google is testing adding an image carousel directly in the business profile panel. So at the top of a business profile listing you see these business images. In this test, you can swipe the images to see more. This was spotted by Mike who posted a few photos of it in the Local Search Forum. […]

Google Business Profile Bug With Inviting New Owners

Google Business Profiles has a bug that prevents you from inviting a new owner to your Business Profile listing. You can invite new managers, but inviting new owners does not currently work (at least when I wrote this story). This issue was posted in the Local Search Forums Earlier this week where seaniaaa wrote, that […]

Google Product Listings 3D & 360 Imagery Are Totally different

The other day, I reported that Google was testing replacing the 3D label with a 360 label. Well, I may have been wrong because 360 ​​and 3D may be different and not the same. We are now seeing Google show both 3D and 3560 labels on product listings in the same product grid, which means […]

Configuring Microsoft pubCenter

The other day, I reported that Microsoft was sending invites to relaunch and expand Microsoft pubCenter, Microsoft’s AdSense alternative. So I signed up and was given access the other day and I wanted to share some screenshots of the screens. The first thing you get is an email saying “You’ve been selected from the waitlist.” […]

Google Search Generative Experience Goes Dwell For Some Searchers

The all new and exciting Google Search Generative Experience is now rolling out as a labs experiment to some early waitlisted users. I should have access by now, but I’m offlineI wrote this yesterday before I was able to play with it (which is why this news is not in my videowhich I recorded earlier […]

Google Marketing Live AI Advertisements, Google Search Rating Replace, Matter Authority Rating System & Extra

This week, we had the big Google Marketing Live event where Google showcased more of how ads will work on the new Google Search Generative Experience. Google launched the new Search Generative Experience to some searchers last minute (so this is not in my video). Google also showed us how AI would help advertisers build […]

Google Search Algorithm Rating Volatility May 22 & 23

I am seeing signs of another unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update, this one kicking off on May 22nd and continuing over the next few days. This one is unusual in that I see significant chatter amongst the SEO community, but some of the more popular Google rank-checking tools are not picking up on it. […]

Programming Observe: Offline For Shavuot 5783

This is a programming note that I will be completely offline for the holiday of Shavout/Shavous, from Thursday night, May 25th, through late Saturday night, May 27th. Any stories published here will be scheduled, written beforehand, and not written during the holiday hours. I will be completely offline, so any social media posts, tweets, or […]