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6 Finest Niches For Affiliate Advertising & How to Select Yours

About to launch your affiliate marketing business? The first and most crucial step is selecting your niche – a decision that can make or break your success. Imagine putting in countless hours and effort, only to choose a niche that barely moves the needle, leading to frustration and wasted resources. That’s a scenario you want […]

The Artwork of Personalized Text Messages

Picture this. You’re having a coffee with friends in your favorite cafe. And suddenly, someone shouts your name. You’ll likely turn your head toward the noise to see why someone called you — even if only to find out they were speaking to someone who shares your name.   While you can’t walk around coffeehouses calling […]

5 Best Coaching Websites (+ Recommendations on How to Create Yours)

Coaching has always been a transformative niche, guiding individuals toward their goals and aspirations in different areas of their lives. But like most careers that survived the shift to the digital age, its value in society is no longer enough to keep your coaching career alive.  Today, you must actively communicate your value as a […]

How to Write an Email: Suggestions, Examples, and Formatting

There’s no one way to write an email. With different use cases and formats, each type of email serves a different purpose and delivers a unique message.  In this post, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about how to write an email, including tips on writing great email subject lines, crafting a follow-up […]

What To Track & How To Measure Your Campaigns

Did you know that the average person checks their smartphone 96 times per day?  So, each time your customers check their phones, it is an opportunity to engage them and make a sale if you use the right SMS marketing strategies. One key tactic is to make sure you’re looking at the right SMS metrics. […]

Black Friday 2023 Information Revealed

While ecommerce businesses were tending to their customers, answering questions, and stocking shelves (if they also have a brick-and-mortar store), ActiveCampaign was hustling on their behalf. Through our abandoned cart automation, we helped the businesses we serve recover $10.5 million over the course of Black Friday weekend—a 56% YoY increase in recovered revenue. Not only […]

The Final Information to Omnichannel Personalization

Omnichannel activities are now synonymous with online customers. People can shop on your website, from their phones, in stores, and even through social media.  McKinsey & Company found that 81% of customers researched items on multiple channels before buying a single product. With omnichannel personalization, it always feels like you’re reading a customer’s mind and […]

Your Information to Personalized Product Suggestions in Emails

Most buyers want customized product suggestions when shopping online, making personalization a must-have for ecommerce businesses.  In fact, a Zendesk report shows that 62% of shoppers prefer personalized recommendations to general ones. And 60% can tell when suggestions are customized. By recommending items customers might be interested in, you can significantly enhance engagement, boost conversions, […]

How one can Develop into a Life Coach in 7 Steps (2023)

If you are good at active listening and are naturally compassionate towards people facing challenges, you already have the two main life coaching skills. Life coaching is a fulfilling profession where you earn by assisting people in navigating life’s complexities — an endeavor aligned with your innate talents. If the prospect of such a rewarding […]