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How To Create Without HTML

Before working at Rock Content, I had never had any contact with digital marketing—or so I thought. At the time, I didn’t fully grasp the extent of digital marketing and the amount of work it involves. Just to give you an idea, I used to believe that every marketing team had a developer on board. […]

How to Use Reddit for web optimization: 5 Tricks to Increase Your Technique

When you think of “SEO,” Reddit might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, the website reports more than 57 million daily users and over 100k active communities. That includes 13 billion-plus posts and comments.  That’s a lot of people spending a lot of time on a site some marketers don’t think twice […]

Vanity Metrics: What Are They and How to Deal with Them

It goes without saying: In digital marketing, metrics matter. They’re how you track, measure, and assess the ongoing success of your marketing strategies. They’re also what you refer to when brainstorming future campaigns. But some metrics merely make you feel like you’re winning from a marketing standpoint without actually meaning much in practice. They’re called vanity […]

3 Examples of Interactive Content to Help Seasonal Campaigns

Creating engaging campaigns is one of the main challenges for marketing professionals. With so many goals to achieve with some limitations such as time, workforce, and budget, being creative may seem to be the smaller challenge.  Seasonal campaigns give us a bigger incentive to go creative and explore different narratives in many different engaging ways. […]

AI Market Research: Tools, Methods, and Trends

Market research plays a pivotal role in marketing. The initial step to effectively promote your products, services, and brand benefits is gaining a comprehensive understanding of your target audience, competitors, and industry landscape. Market research helps you find the right customer for your brand in the first place. It also helps you determine what they’re […]

What Is Organic Traffic and How Can You Leverage It? [7 Hacks]

Digital Marketing starts by attracting people. If you can’t bring the right audience to your digital channels, you won’t get results. For a long time, the main methods of attracting the attention of potential customers were paid for. But with the constant development of the internet, this scenario has certainly evolved towards a better one. Nowadays, you […]

Ought to You Fear About Domain Authority? Be taught to Learn and Use This search engine optimization Metric Successfully

Have you ever wondered about the importance of domain authority in your SEO strategy? Whether you’re a business owner or a marketing professional, this metric should be on your radar. It could be the key to enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines. In this article, we’ll delve into domain authority in detail. I want […]

The Benefits of Freelance Content Writing

Have you always been diligent about your grammar and spelling? Are you skilled at expressing your thoughts on paper concisely and effectively? Are you a self-starter? If so, freelance content writing might be a perfect fit for you. Freelance writing allows you to work remotely, set your own hours, and choose how much you want […]

Greatest Content Creation Platforms: High Rivals

By now, every business owner and brand manager knows that content is king in digital marketing. But it’s no longer enough to post to a company blog once a week.  Not only do you need truly top-notch content in your corner, but you also need a steady stream of it to meet audience expectations, stay […]

How To Start Dropshipping: A 5-Step Dropshipping Information

Today, around 23% of all online sales go through a dropshippper. Retail experts expect the industry to grow by 28.8% by 2025.  The hardest part about becoming a dropshipper is setting up your business. This guide will provide you with crucial information on how to start dropshipping.  What Is Dropshipping?  Before choosing this path, make […]