Unleash the ability of ActiveCampaign AI for Marketing

AI is widely seen as the most groundbreaking technology shift we’ve seen lately. It has the potential to transform marketing, enabling the creation of content at scale, reducing labor and time, and unlocking new possibilities for innovation and creativity.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Active Campaign AI, now available to customers on our Marketing and Bundle products, plus and above plans. Its powerful content generation can enable businesses to deliver personalized experiences at scale while automating each stage of the customer lifecycle. This marks a significant milestone in marketing automation and opens doors to new realms of efficiency and creativity.

What is ActiveCampaign AI?

ActiveCampaign AI is a powerful tool that can help you create, automate, and optimize your marketing campaigns. With AI, you can easily generate high-quality content that is tailored to your audience. Prompt to effortlessly generate relevant content that’s optimized for your customer’s experience, revise with feedback loop to fine tune your campaigns, and refine your marketing strategy for better results, resulting in improved engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Watch this quick demo of the new feature

Build fresh and engaging text for emails, product descriptions, copy, and more with ActiveCampaign AI!

Benefits of using AI

  • content generation: Accelerate your writing process and turn keywords into written content ready to be refined and delivered.
  • A feedback loop: Revise and improve your campaigns by incorporating valuable feedback, adjusting length, and refining tones.
  • Fine tune your strategy: Refine your marketing strategy overtime for even better results. Experiment with variants across campaigns to identify what resonates best with customers and improve their personalized experience.

How to use AI in your email marketing?

Harness customization: Active Campaign AI empowers you to create highly personalized email campaigns tailored to your audience. Jumpstart from an idea to written content quickly to improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Build fresh and engaging content for emails, product descriptions, copy, and outlines. Leverage AI to write your first draft and split test different content, tone, length, or call-to-actions to see which email performs better.

Try out these prompts in your next email:

  • Help me write an email to invite my subscribers about my new product feature webinar
  • Help me write a newsletter based on this month’s blog post [add url]
  • Help me write an email to invite my clients about my new property listing
  • Outline my blog post about summer recipes in my brand’s tone
  • Draft a list of 5 upcoming events that are happening in June from my event page [add url]

Boost engagement: Our sure what message will resonate with your customers? Let predictive content guide your campaign success. predictive content enables you to generate multiple variations of messages and it will automatically deliver each customer the message that is most likely to connect with them based on their behavior and interest. This will result in more personalized content, leading to increased engagement.

Optimize send times: Timing is crucial in email marketing, ActiveCampaign predictive sending can help you determine the optimal send times for your messages. By analyzing past engagement patterns and user behavior, it can identify the most effective moments to reach your audience and increase engagement. This ensures that your emails land in the inbox at the time that will increase the likelihood of them being opened, read, and acted upon.

Get Started Today

You can learn more about how to use this feature hereor check out this quick video on how you do more with AI in our email designer.

We’re always innovating and refining our platform to help you reach your goals. Stay tuned as we’re working on more updates to bring the power of AI to automation!

Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account? Start a free trial today and see where the “magic” happens.

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