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What is context in writing? [6 Context Types Included]

While it’s essential to have a good story, giving context in your writing is key to giving the story meaning. Imagine you’re in a bookstore and you pick up a book with an intriguing title. You open it to start to read the first chapter and it’s dialogue between a few characters. Imagine reading it […]

11 Guidelines for Writing Website Copy

Want to learn how to write website copy that doesn’t suck? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever written copy for a website, you know how exciting and nerve-wracking it can be. As a copywriter, it’s a dream to showcase all your great ideas front and center. At the same time, writing copy […]

11 Best Welcome Email Examples + Email Writing Tips

Welcome emails are some of the most important communications you’ll ever send to your recipients. After all, your welcome email is likely their first impression of your brand in their inbox. So you have to make it count! Your perfect welcome email should do 3 things: Remind email subscribers why they joined (and thank them!) […]

What is A Writing Pattern? 7 Easy Steps to Create Yours

There are a lot of reasons a writer will need to create a writing sample. You might be applying for a job, trying to land a freelance client, or simply creating a portfolio to showcase your skills. A good writing sample can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and give you a real […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Content Writing Company

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Content writing is a key element of business these days. With the digitalization of business and online businesses becoming a trend, content dominates a major segment in business. From promoting the fire and the product or the brand and the service to descriptions and writing revolving around […]

The Foremost Advantages of website positioning Content Writing for New Companies

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. SEO is a very common term for business on the internet today. It would be surprising to find a person who has not heard about Search Engine Optimization and cares about their company’s online presence. Beginning from mounting the site high on search results all the way […]

What Is the Price of B2B Content Writing

In 2021, 49 percent of marketers surveyed for Semrush’s State of Content Ops & Outsourcing Report said they outsource their writing. This makes sense when you consider that Orbit Media found it can take just one experienced writer at least 6 hours to produce a single 2,000-word piece of content — great content takes time. […]

11 Online Writing Courses, Including Freelance Writing Classes

You used to have to attend a university to learn from a smart professor. And pay a lot of money. And get dressed and go to class. Now you can access all sorts of experts from the comfort of your couch — at a fraction of the price. No need to Google “writing courses near me” […]

Construct a Writing Model That Rocks (Half 1)

It’s no secret that we’re expected to do much more these days than simply write. Congratulations! You are now the CEO of your personal brand. In addition to writing, it’s also your job to create a strong online platform to share your work, reach new readers and discover opportunities. One of the most effective ways […]

Build a Writing Model That Rocks (Part 2)

As CEO of your personal brand — yep, you’re not just a writer anymore — you’re in charge of finding new assignments, writing, editing your work, promoting your pieces and seeking out opportunities to continually develop a strong personal brand that sets you up for future success. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities, […]