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SEOs Cut up On If Google Is Getting Worse Or The Web Is Getting Worse

There have been a lot of complaints about the quality of Google search results – the truth is, there are always complaints. Assuming you believe the results are indeed getting worse (which not everyone would agree with), is Google to blame, or is it the fault of the web in general to blame? A lot […]

Most SEOs Suppose 100% Google Algorithm Transparency Would Lead To Worse Search Outcomes

Google has often said that if they shared the full details of how its search algorithms and ranking factors would work, it would lead to abuse and poorer quality results. It seems like most SEOs agree with that sentiment. A poll by Azeem asked “If Google were to be 100% transparent about how to rank […]

Revered American journalists ask whether or not Google Search is degrading and considerably worse

A couple of respected American journalists asked on Twitter the other day if you noticed that Google search has become “significantly worse” than in previous years. Journalists like Jesse Eisinger, Chris Hayes and Herb Greenberg got involved on the issue and Danny Sullivan, a former journalist who now works at Google, caught the eye. Who […]