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Google Webmaster Guideline Now Search Essentials, Unconfirmed Google Rating Replace, Product Critiques Transparency & Extra

This week, Google pushed out a revamped Google Webmaster Guidelines and renamed it the Google Search Essentials. Google also seemed to release an unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update. Google told us that the product reviews update primarily works on a page-level basis but not always. Google added three examples of what types of pages […]

Google Updates Video Finest Practices For Thumbnail Transparency

Google has added one line to its video best practices document explaining that you should have at least 80% of your thumbnail pixels have little or no transparency to enable video indexing. The new line was added over here and says “Transparency: At least 80% of the thumbnail’s pixels must have an alpha (transparency) value […]

How Transparency on the Internet Can Help Your Objectives

Lorde says, “Maybe the Internet raised us” in her song, A World Alone. This line stuck with me when I first heard the song and remains with me today, especially when considering what shapes my behaviors and quirks. I grew up and came of age in a world where people loved to share every little […]

Why Transparency Issues When Accumulating Person Information

Have you ever had that feeling of being monitored all the time? Every place you go, every step you take? Well, Google is being sued by attorneys general in different US states for using “deceptive and unfair practices” to obtain user location data. Basically, the lawsuit accuses the world’s biggest search engine of using “dark […]

Most SEOs Suppose 100% Google Algorithm Transparency Would Lead To Worse Search Outcomes

Google has often said that if they shared the full details of how its search algorithms and ranking factors would work, it would lead to abuse and poorer quality results. It seems like most SEOs agree with that sentiment. A poll by Azeem asked “If Google were to be 100% transparent about how to rank […]