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Google Assistant simply eliminated the tip time for music sleep timers with out telling anybody

Many people who use Google Assistant around the home (those who aren’t completely and utterly frustrated and done with it by now) often play music on their Nest Hub, Nest Mini, or other Assistant-enabled devices to fall asleep faster. Putting on your favorite lo-fi or relaxing music as opposed to rain sounds can be a […]

Brandi Carlile on Worshipping Dolly Parton, Her “Cult-y” Dwelling Scenario, and Telling Her Inner Youngster to Shut Up

Brandi-Carlile-last-word – Credit: Illustration by Mark Summers for Rolling Stone Brandi Carlile was looking forward to some time off when she finished work on her bestselling memoir, Broken Horses. But instead, when her friend Bernie Taupin sent her some poems he’d written, she found herself inspired to write an album’s worth of songs — just […]