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Mark Cuban ‘Proud’ to Pay A whole lot of Tens of millions in Taxes

It’s Tax Day. Even if you’ve waited until the last day to file your taxes, you’re not alone — millions of people will file their tax returns today, including billionaire businessman and 13-year “Shark Tank” staple, Mark Cuban. Cuban took to X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday to answer a question posed by a user who […]

Capped Value in Property Taxes: Explained

Capped Value in Property Taxes: Explained by Andie | January 19, 2024 Understanding the concept of property taxes can be quite confusing, especially with terms like “capped value”. To give a brief explanation, capped value is a value set by law to limit the rise in property taxes. It is an important component of property […]

This Viral Content material Creator Loves Taxes. Here’s Why.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Chances are, you HATE taxes. That’s why Duke LOVES them. Duke Alexander Moore, CEO founder of Duke Tax, is a tax pro and social media content creator who has built a huge following online teaching his millions of followers about taxes. “My goal when I create content […]

The right way to get unbiased contractor taxes proper (and keep away from penalties)

Now that you understand a bit more about how independent contractor taxes work, let’s get down to the tactical stuff. Here’s exactly how to pay independent contractor taxes. Step 1: Estimate your quarterly tax liability First, you have to make an educated guess about how much money you’ll make (and therefore how much money you’ll […]