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7 Persuasive Writing Tips To Make Your Writing Stronger

Persuasive writing is the art of trying to convince others of your point of view using the written word. The goal of it is to persuade someone to do something or think a certain way. While it can use elements of creative and expository writing, it is almost in a category all on its own […]

Construct stronger buyer relationships and automate interactions utilizing ActiveCampaign varieties

When someone actively fills out a form, that’s a good sign that they are incredibly engaged. Why else would they take time and volunteer information about themselves? That’s a great time to follow up with content, an email, or even direct outreach from someone on your team to ensure they stay engaged. Better yet, follow […]

Nurture Stronger Sales Relationships with Engagement Monitoring for One-to-One Emails

When should you hand leads from marketing to sales? Where does marketing get visibility into sales processes? How can sales improve prospecting to nurture more warm opportunities? Using automated one to one email as part of you sales engagement automation strategy helps ensure every insight is aligned. Marketing can help deliver truly connected customer experiences, […]

Google Web page Expertise Replace For Desktop, Shopping Expertise Scorecard, Stronger Pirate Replace & Google Ads Latency

This week was packed with algorithm and ranking topics but not the typical unconfirmed Google updates. We had Google officially begin rolling out the desktop version of the page experience update, it will take several weeks to fully rollout. I am also seeing an unconfirmed update start to roll out yesterday into today. Google quietly […]

Google Pirate (DMCA) Penalty Will get Stronger & Catches Redirects

Google sent a document to the US Copyright Office that explains how Google’s DMCA update (aka the Pirate update) has been strengthened by (1) catching redirect schemes and (2) a site hit by this emotion on average sees a 89% drop in Google search traffic. I spotted this via Glenn Gabe on Twitter via TorrentFreak.com. […]

Finish the yr robust; Start the yr stronger – Growth Decoded S2E4

This article is a round-up of Growth Decoded, a show that explores the relationship between customer experience and business growth, one topic at a time. to register here and conquer the customer experience! Black Friday. Cyber ​​Monday. Saturday for small business. Tuesday give. Green Monday. ‘Tis the season again. The holidays are just around the […]