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Google Search Rating Algorithm Updates & Volatility Continues

Every Monday, I end up covering an unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update but this past week, going into the weekend, was even more volatile than the others. I am seeing way more chatter, and even the tools are showing heavier volatility than the normal high volatility. There was a lot of movement mid-to-late last […]

Google Search New Field “Maps On This Topic” & “From Your Subscriptions”

Google Search is showing and maybe testing news and top stories related boxes with a headline that says “maps on this topic.” So, Google can also know what publications you are subscribed to and show you “from your subscriptions” content as well. Maps On This Topic This Maps on this topic box is super unusual […]

Search Engine Roundtable’s nineteenth Anniversary

It has now been 19 years that I’ve been writing on this site, covering what you – the search marketers are talking about from within the search community. Today marks the 19th anniversary of the Search Engine Roundtable. I’ve been writing about search for over 45% of my life – which is insane – it […]

Google Thanksgiving Volatility, Hyperlinks, Content material & Extra search engine optimisation & 19 Years Protecting Search

Since Friday of Thanksgiving last week, we have been seeing a lot of chatter and volatility with Google Search. Google said they improved the accuracy of the Discover performance report in Google Search Console. Google said links have a lot less of a significant impact today than they did years ago. Google said they have […]

Google Testing Map Interface Inside Search Outcome Snippets

Google is testing placing the map of the business you searched for in the search results area under the snippet(s) for that listing. Google is also testing a slightly updated local panel on the right side. While I believe I covered both these before, I cannot find my coverage (thanks Google Search…). That being said, […]

How To Make Sure Your Videos Present Up in Search

What if I told you that TikTok SEO can help your content reach more people and even make your videos go viral? If you’ve been sleeping on your social media SEO strategy, this blog is for you. We’ll walk you through all the juicy details about TikTok SEO specifically, how it works, and how you […]

Combined Indicators Of A Thanksgiving Vacation Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace

For the past several weekends, I’ve been reporting about a Google search ranking algorithm update that hit on a Friday and continued throughout the weekend. Well, last weekend was the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and I did see some signs of a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update – but truth is, it is […]

Matt Cutts Fought With Sergey Brin & Larry Page Over Google Search Spam Points

Some of you may know that in the early days of Google, Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page would say Google Search was immune to search spam. Matt Cutts, the former Google search spam lead, said recently on Hacker News that he actually had to fight with the co-founders to prove that Google was […]

Jeremy Meindl On Manipulating Google Search & By no means Being Caught

Jeremy Meindl is the co-founder of Target IQ and we spoke about the hotel we are in, its history of it, and the fire he risked his life showing how you cannot burn yourself. Jeremy spoke about his history in a super transparent way and how he got into spam and then became a professional […]

Google Search Rolling Out Multisearch, Lens, AR, Maps & Different Search Options

Google announced a bunch of features around Google Search, Google Maps, Google Lens and more that are now rolling out in the US and some other regions. This goes across new features for MultisearchGoogle Lens, AR, map and much more. Note, I covered these launches at Search engine country as well. Here is the quick […]