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Google Continuous Scroll doesn’t have an effect on Search Console reviews

As you know, Google is rolling out continuous scrolling in mobile search. To be honest, I covered both the Search Console image and the Google Ads reports in my original coverage on this topic. I said there is no direct impact outside of changing user behavior. However, it seems some are still wondering how this […]

Google Search Console Search Analytics API recovers Discover and Google News knowledge with Regex help

Google added on the Search Analytics API Discover and Google News data from the Search Console, which was added to the web interface earlier this year. Google also added support for regex with the query and page dimensions. As a reminder, in January the Google Search Console did one. added News performance report and 2019 […]

Which search engine can compete with the Google survey? DuckDuckGo, Bing, Brave or Neeva

Brodie Clark has published a poll on Twitter that has about nine hundred answers and asks, “Which search engine has the best chance of competing with Google in the next 10 years?” The search engine with the most votes was DuckDuckGo, beating Microsoft Bing. I’m surprised that I personally voted for Microsoft as they really […]

Inform Google how you’ll use extra exportable information from Search Console

Daniel Waisberg from Google asked Twitter How would you use the data if Google let you export more data from the Google Search Console. In particular, Daniel wants you to tell him about the performance reporting data and why you benefit from more exportable data compared to what you have now. Daniel wrote, “A lot […]

Google will replace its Search Quality Rating Guidelines on October 19, 2021

After over a year without updating the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines – Google made several updates to the document yesterday, October 19, 2021. The last update was on a little over a year ago October 14, 2020. This time the document has been expanded from 175 to 172 pages – i.e. shortened a little. […]

The updates to the Google search algorithm are extra excessive this yr

Semrush’s Mordy Oberstein put out some data that proves I’m not insane or insane, at least when it comes to my reports on them Updates to the Google search ranking algorithm. Yes, I’ve reported more of these updates this year than in previous years, but for good reason the search results are more volatile this […]

Ping search engines like google with urls for fast indexing

Microsoft Bing and Yandex announced a new initiative called IndexNow that enables website owners to ping IndexNow’s log for instant indexing with participating search engines. The participating search engines are currently only Bing and Yandex; Google is not on the list, and other search engines are not yet. There’s a website at IndexNow.org That sums […]

Google asks if customers need ad-free search outcomes with paid subscription

Can you imagine Google offering a monthly fee for using Google Search? Can you even imagine removing the search ads for a monthly fee? I can’t, and would be shocked if Google ever launched a no-ads subscription model for Google search. But that’s what Google asks some users through a Google Opinion Reward Survey. Eli […]

Google is testing Purple Heart Label for women-run companies in native search

Google initially has the Label “women-led” in the local search Results in 2018 with a woman symbol. Google seems to be testing to replace this icon with a purple heart. Saad AK and Colan Nielsen discovered this change and posted screenshots of it Twitter. As Saad noted in his post, when you interact with the […]

Rating replace of the Google search algorithm from October fifteenth to October 18th?

I’m leading with I’m sorry to report another one Update of the Google search ranking algorithm – another unconfirmed. But as I said on Friday, there seemed to be one going on and it seems that Google had some fluctuations from October 15th to date and the chatter in the SEO community supports this time […]