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Self employed? Consider These Retirement Solutions!

For many, being self-employed is a dream come true. No longer are you forced to waste years of your life hoping to climb the corporate ladder. You’re not just part of the business, you are the business. While being in complete control of your future definitely has an appeal, it also poses a problem: you—and […]

Meta Declares the Retirement of its ‘Neighborhoods’ Native Neighborhood Groups Challenge

In news that likely won’t have a major impact for most people, Meta has announced that it’s shutting down its Nextdoor-like ‘Neighborhoods’ feature, which it’s been testing in the US and Canada over the past year. Inspired by the rising interest in local social engagement, which had been amplified by COVID lockdowns around the world, […]

What’s the common retirement age?

According to Gallup research, 62 is the average retirement age for Americans; However, there is no real retirement age. The ideal age for you depends on many factors, from your personal preferences to your lifestyle and the nature of your work. For example, if your job is physically demanding, early retirement can make sense. Regardless […]

The finest ideas for private retirement planning for 2022 – ShoeMoney

You work hard during your working years. For the most part, you are working to achieve the best possible standard of living that you can possibly secure. This usually includes looking for ways to save and invest your money wisely. While you are able to earn wages, you need to keep an eye on the […]