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Social outcomes are handed on to different departments

During the pandemic, even the least prepared companies were “forced” to rely more on social media as the central channel for marketing, sales, customer service and more. As a matter of fact, Hootsuite‘s Social Trends 2022 report states that 83% of marketers surveyed have some level of confidence in quantifying the return on investment (ROI) […]

Semrush Knowledge reveals that December 2021 was probably the most unstable in Google search outcomes

According to recent Semrush data, that month, December, was the most volatile month of the year and likely Google history. Here is a diagram shared by Semrush’s Mordy Oberstein Twitter shows how December skyrocketed compared to the rest of the months in 2021. Yes, December felt very volatile when it came to the fluctuations and […]

Google Pictures part for one of the best categorized outcomes

When Google image searches on mobile devices, these labels are used for sections of the images that sometimes appear in search results. A new label I’ve never seen shows “best categorized results”. I have no idea what that means – do I? I mean, I understand and understand them latest pictures Section but “best categorized […]

Google is formally transferring the Local Pack outcomes up and map to the appropriate

To many months of testing, Google did Confirmed it moves the local pack results up and the map to the right of those local results in the desktop search. Google said the search company “expects this to be widely available in the coming weeks”. In the past few days a lot of people have asked […]

Google search carousel with ends in your native language, whatever the question language

Praveen Sharma shared a screenshot of a new carousel in Google mobile search results that shows localized language content based on the searcher’s location, regardless of the language of the query entered. In this example, Praveen’s query was in English, but Google showed him results in Hindi based on his location. The screenshot that Praveen […]

Outcomes of the Google survey on the core replace from November 2021

Marie Haynes posted a Twitter poll (which I re-shared a couple of times yesterday) asking what you (mostly SEOs) see after five days Core Google update from November 2021. About 50% of respondents said they didn’t see much of this update on the websites they study. As a reminder, the November 2021 core update was […]

10 Tremendous Cyber Monday Emails & Ideas for Real Outcomes 2021

Real results for the biggest digital event of the year are right at your fingertips. Every year people hold off on purchases big and small all while waiting to see if they can get their desired items even cheaper on Cyber Monday. Many marketing campaigns are built around the week of online sales spanning from […]

Google Search No outcomes discovered Fishing recreation Easter Egg

A few days ago in the Black Hat World forums I spotted a thread that I honestly thought was trying to fool me. It showed a screenshot of the Google search results page that couldn’t find any results, but Google added these animated GIFs of the fishing game. I thought I was being faked. But […]

The makers of medium-reach TikTookay are displaying extra outcomes for model partnerships

The concept of Influencing marketing has changed over the years. During the TV era, one of the most common methods was to use a well-known celebrity as social proof of a product or brand. This worked well “then” because there was no accountability and very little way to measure this celebrity’s impact on society. There […]

Facebook modifications its title to meta and Google search outcomes, adapts rapidly

The big news yesterday was that Facebook announced his new company name – Meta. Yes, Facebook’s company name is Meta. Like metadata, meta tags, and any other metas that Google Search may have previously ranked. But when the Facebook announcement came out, Google search results quickly adjusted to rank this breaking news. I won’t go […]