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GA4 for search engine optimization: Best Practices and Reports to Look At

As the largest search engine in the world, Google processes billions of search queries every day. Because Google handles so much information, it’s a valuable resource for businesses and advertisers who want to understand their audiences better. However, as the world moves toward a more private internet experience, the rules are changing. As a result, […]

Google Search Console Efficiency Experiences Might Present Spike In Product Outcomes Clicks & Impressions

Google has posted that you may see an increase in clicks and impressions in your search performance report when filtering by the product results search appearance in Search Console. Google said this is because Google is now picking up these products even without structured data. This spike would appear on January 6, 2023, and continue […]

Google Provides Top Products To Business Profiles Efficiency Reviews

Google seems to be rolling out a new “top products” report on the performance reports within Google Business Profiles. As you know, businesses can add products in numerous ways to their Google Business Profile local listing, and here is a new report to track the performance of those products in local search. This was spotted […]

Google Spam Replace Hits Onerous, Question Information Analytics Bug Mounted, Google Ads API, PMax Updates & Earnings Stories

This week, we covered how the day after Google announced the Google October 2022 spam update was done, only then did we see some really massive changes. Google fixed a month-long bug with Google Analytics 3, where the Search Console query data was missing. Google Analytics 4 added a bunch of new features and more […]

Meta Stories Slowdown in Person Progress and Income Amid Shifting Financial Circumstances

Tough times at Meta, with the company reporting a decline in monthly active Facebook usersand a further slowdown in revenue, as global economic trends continue to impact the company’s overall performance. First off, on usage – Facebook is currently seeing 1.97 billion daily active usersa slight increase on last quarter. The increases were almost entirely […]

Google Search Console Efficiency Experiences Logs Extra Desktop Options

Google Search Console’s performance report starting on May 13, 2022 now logs impressions for additional desktop features. One example Google gave was “top stories.” Google said you may see an increase in your desktop impressions when you filter by Good Page Experience in the search appearance filter. But honestly, this just does not make much […]

Mirroring world pattern, India experiences spurt in Covid-linked hepatitis amongst kids

In Covid acquired hepatitis, the symptoms include nausea, loss of appetite, weakness, and mild fever. In Covid acquired hepatitis, the symptoms include nausea, loss of appetite, weakness, and mild fever. While fresh Covid cases in India continue to be at manageable levels, doctors in India—alongside medical experts globally—grapple with a mysterious spike in unexplained hepatitis […]

Google Continuous Scroll doesn’t have an effect on Search Console reviews

As you know, Google is rolling out continuous scrolling in mobile search. To be honest, I covered both the Search Console image and the Google Ads reports in my original coverage on this topic. I said there is no direct impact outside of changing user behavior. However, it seems some are still wondering how this […]

What’s new in CXA? Ecommerce dashboard, customized stories, e-mail assessments, and extra

ActiveCampaign highlights a summary of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that scales with you. What CXA enhancements were released in August? Growth in e-commerce. Add the right metrics and insights to your online store with the new ecommerce dashboard and improve abandoned cart email performance with link tracking. […]

New Google Ads funds studies

Google announced new budget reports for Google Ads. Google said these new budget reports “will help you visualize monthly campaign spending behavior”. You can visually see how changes in daily budget have affected performance and monthly spending limits. The report shows you how much you can expect to pay at the end of the month, […]