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Promoting Your Podcast: Social Media Strategies for Success

Promoting Your Podcast: Social Media Strategies for Success by Adam | September 5, 2023 In today’s saturated digital ecosystem, creating a podcast is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in promoting it and capturing a loyal audience. Social media, with its vast reach and dynamic platforms, offers unparalleled opportunities to amplify your podcast’s […]

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to Begin Selling & Incomes

Many consumers today feel like they know all of marketing’s old tricks. They expect that when a business communicates with them, it acts only in the interest of profits. A cynical customer is harder to convince and harder to close. Affiliate marketing is 1 way brands have responded to the more savvy consumer. By working […]

4 Outstanding Advantages of Content Marketing When Selling a New Product

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Imagine that you have worked hard to create a new product that can solve your customers’ problems. Now it’s time to do some pre-launch work to spread the word about this product, get it in front of an audience and highlight its main benefits. you need content […]

Google Selling Search Console Insights In Some Google Accounts

Molly Youngblood posted some screenshots on Twitter showing how Google is pushing her to check out Google Search Console Insights with a little banner that reads “New: Get insights about your site content.” When she clicks on her account icon, it brings up a “Search Console Insights” button with a “new” label next to it. […]

Providing Healing, Promoting Hope Throughout Women’s History Month

Throughout the month of March, ActiveCampaign celebrated and acknowledged Women’s History Month in a variety of ways. This year’s theme was “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope” — which seemed very appropriate given the past two years. It’s an inspiring theme that doesn’t try and erase what has happened but is meant to help us grow and […]

5 Marketing Methods for Writers Who Hate Selling Their Personal Work

In a long-ago golden age, all a writer had to do was write; he churned out pages, presented them to an editor, and let others worry about promotion and advertising. Those days are long gone. Today, writers must be their own most ardent advocate, marketer and promoter. Self-promotion is as integral to writing success as […]

Brian Wallace On Selling Infographics & What SEOs Are Missing

In part one we spoke about how Brian Wallace of NowSourcing got into infographics, how it is not just about links but much more and some cool scores he had with them. In part two, we talk about measuring the success of infographics and other uses for infographics. In part three we talked about what […]

Google Selling Pointy From Google In Business Profiles

Google is promoting the Pointy from Google solution in Google Business Profiles dashboard, Colan Nielsen explained on Twitter. Google is placing this box that says “Help customers find products they need” by connecting your in-store product inventory with Google Search and Maps. Here is the screenshot in the Google Business Profiles dashboard: Pointy from Google […]

Outreach Marketing Information to Selling your Brand Online

Brand recognition and public relations are two different areas of your business that often intersect but aren’t always considered in the same strategy.  However, there is a strong connection between building your brand, boosting your reputation, and finding the right people and organizations that can help facilitate growing awareness of your products and services.  The […]