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Google Says Spammy Hyperlinks From Porn Websites Are Not Something To Prioritize

Google has posted one of its Google SEO office hours, this one was posted today, recorded in January, after the Google layoffs news, and one question asked was about if you should worry about spammy from porn sites and if they can cause bad for ranking in Google Search. In short, Lizzi Sassman from Google […]

Sensible variations and which to prioritize

It’s no secret that we marketers love our acronyms (CTA, CPC, MQL, PPC, etc.). Two that are regularly misused are SEO and SEM, and that’s fair enough because they have a lot in common. However, SEO and SEM are not the same, and they require vastly different skillsets, investments, and timeframes to see results. In […]

LinkedIn Algorithm Modifications Will Prioritize High quality Content material

nach six quarters of record levels of engagement growthLinkedIn — the professional social media platform with more than 830 million members — is on track to enhance user experience by updating its feed algorithm. Improvements include changes to how content is ranked in users’ feeds and the ability to block categories of content, as well […]