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Did AI Knock Out The Metaverse?

The year of 2023 has barely started and we have been flooded with information about what seems to be one of the greatest advancements in technology and marketing: Generative Artificial Intelligence. But wait… haven’t we seen another great tech advancement about a year ago? If we look back at early 2022, marketers, brands and professionals […]

Meta Will Proceed to Make investments Massive within the Metaverse in 2023, In keeping with CTO

While most of the attention in social media circles of late has been focused on Elon Musk, and his various changes at Twitter, Meta has quietly gone about its business, keeping out of the spotlight as it continues to push towards its next stage. Well, actually, Meta has gone quiet since this: The backlash to […]

Walmart Catches The Metaverse Wave Trying to Attain Youthful Audiences

Walmart is taking its first step into the metaverse with two experiences, Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, debuting on online gaming platform, Roblox. The retail giant has created virtual spaces that offer interactive content and exclusive entertainment to its customers. This is a new way that Walmart has found to reach its shoppers, […]

Facebook’s Metaverse Might Be Overrun By Deep Fakes And Different Misinformation If These Non-Earnings Don’t Succeed

An example of a deepfake and original Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg video. (Elyse Samuels/The Washington Post via Getty Images). The Washington Post via Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual-reality universe, dubbed simply Meta, has been plagued by a number of problems from technology issues to a difficulty holding onto staff. That doesn’t mean it won’t soon […]

What Will Occur When We Notice Facebook’s Metaverse Is Simply A Large Advert

Metaverse Concept, real city. Realistic Hologram billboard at Bangkok City. … [+]Thailand: Futuristic digital design, Smart city technology and Thailand in the Future getty I’ve been writing about technology for about 22 years and I’ve never seen a hype engine running at full steam like this before. Every time I turn around, there’s a new […]

Former Google CEO Says We Nonetheless Do not Know What The Metaverse Is.

I am going to ask you a question that someone probably has already asked you or even you have asked yourself over the last few months: What do you know about the metaverse? If you answer it without having to think too much and are pretty sure about what it is and all of its […]

Meta Launches New Creator Funding Applications to Gasoline Growth of the Metaverse

Meta’s moving fast into the next stage of digital connection – or at least, it’s setting the stage for metaverse development, with two new creator funding options that are designed to better incentivize user contributions to its digital worlds. The first is an expansion of its $10 million Horizon Worlds Creator Funding program, which it […]

Metaverse: Small Talk Or A Great Opportunity?

You don’t have to go far to look for information about the Metaverse and its impacts on business: theories and discussions on the topic are everywhere. Well, not just the Metaverse: Virtual Reality, NFTs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies… new technologies are ubiquitous now. But be honest: are you currently seeing an opportunity for your brand in these? […]

Meta Proclaims New Mission Assertion because it Appears to be like In direction of the Metaverse Future

It’s the dawn of a new era at the company formerly known as Facebook, and to truly establish its evolution into ‘Meta’, CEO Mark Zuckerberg today held at all staff meeting to announce Meta’s updated values, in line with its new more forward-looking focus. The company’s value statements have been a key driver of its […]

What Is The Metaverse (and Why Ought to You Care)?

If you have to ask what, exactly, the metaverse is — don’t feel bad. The metaverse is hardly a brand-new concept, BUT the speed with which it recently began making headlines is impressive. And the meaning of “metaverse” seems to expand daily, as more and more recognizable brands and businesses begin to incorporate it into […]