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Festival Evaluation: Tattoo the Earth Festival — A Heavy Metal Underground Reunion, and the Outdated Guys Delivered

By Scott McLennan For all of the music’s fury, protest, anguish, and raw brutality, Tattoo the Earth was a lovefest. Singer Joey Belladonna and guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax at Tattoo the Erth. Photo: Sam McLennan. For those on the outside of the chain link fences encircling a field of asphalt between The Palladium and DCU […]

The Untold launch new single and ethereal music video for ‘Drown Your Bones’ – Steel Planet Music

Chicago-based technical rock and metal outfit The Untold have released a brand new music video for their latest single ‘Drown Your Bones’. Tackling the stigma behind mental health, the track is taken from their upcoming EP Thunder and Water: Act One. In continuation of our mental health theme that occurs throughout the album, ‘Drown Your Bones’ speaks to […]

Investments for the Future: Which Precious Metal Is the Best?

Home Business Magazine Online If you’re looking to diversify your investments for the future, you probably came up with different portfolio investment options. Aside from purchasing real estate, stocks, bonds, and other assets, you can choose to invest in precious metals. They are thought to be effective as a hedge against inflation. In the past, […]

Five Ways Metal Tags and Labels Can Improve Your Inventory Tracking

Home Business Magazine Online For business owners, one of the crucial considerations when overseeing operations is to ensure all products are readily identifiable, ie, inventory tracking. Metal tags and labels, in general, are the best options for labeling assets and products due to their durability and visibility. Nowadays, businesses worldwide should make an effort to […]