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Hyperlinks to publications are regular hyperlinks, says Google

You’ve probably seen all of the websites that have an “As featured on” section on their site, or something like that, then a carousel or listing of logos from those brands. Well, these links shouldn’t be feared, said Google’s John Mueller, putting these links on your website “sounds like a normal link”. John Mueller said […]

Google November Spam Update Goes After Camouflaged Spam Content material With Hyperlinks Injected?

Last week, Google announced the launch of the Spam update in November, which Google identified as targeted types of content spam. Glenn Gabe said it might have deliberately cloaked content spam with links in that camouflaged content. Glenn said he spotted at least (maybe more) two websites that saw huge drops in indexing after that […]

Google’s penguin algorithm could not solely ignore hyperlinks, it could goal the complete web site

When Google was released Penguin 4.0, Google said it was about an update Devalue links, do not downgrade links. That said, Google would just ignore the spam and bad links, and your website would not be demoted because of those links. Well, Google said, sometimes Penguin can downgrade your website as well. This contradicts all […]

Google says buttons should not hyperlinks and subsequently should not used for crawl or hyperlink alerts

Google’s John Mueller was asked if the button attribute is treated like a link attribute. The answer was a resounding “no”. John continued Twitter “Buttons aren’t links and inherently don’t have URLs attached to actions, so we wouldn’t use them for crawling or anything else.” Yes there is Button tag or attribute, but it’s a […]

Google would not say any search engine marketing change for opening hyperlinks in present or new home windows

Google’s John Mueller was asked whether opening links in a new window compared to the existing window (tab) would make any difference in terms of SEO or ranking on Google. John said no, there is no difference for ranking purposes. I know a very simple question and simple answer, but is it refreshing sometimes to […]

Facebook Provides new ‘Quick Access’ Hyperlinks for Your Most Considered Pages and Profiles

Do you have any social media profiles that you check regularly out of sheer malice? You know them – that guy you used to be with who is now tweeting radical conspiracy theories, that ex-schoolteacher you really didn’t like, former employers or co-workers who you don’t necessarily wish well to. Everyone has one or two, […]

Google says hyperlinks from reporting instruments don’t have any impression on rating

Are links from reporting tools like Similar Website and SEO Report Checker affecting your website in Google Search? According to Google’s John Mueller, the answer is no. This is a new question that I haven’t seen yet. But John was asked about it Reddit “Do links from websites like Similar Website Checker and SEO Report […]

Google AMP hyperlinks in search do not work in iOS 15

Google has confirmed that there is a bug with AMP URLs not working in Google Search with iOS 15. If you’ve updated your iOS device, iPhone, or iPad to iOS and you click a link in Google Search, you won’t get to the AMP URL, if it has one. Not least until Google fixes it […]

Google is introducing reserving hyperlinks and extra details about points of interest known as “Actions”

Google announced It introduces new booking links and information for points of interest. Google said, “In the coming months, we’ll also be showing information and booking links for experiences in a travel destination, such as wine tasting in Paris or bike tours in California.” Google calls this Things To Do on Google. This is what […]