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Can You Redirect Hyperlinks That Lead To 404 Pages & Acquire Google web optimization Worth?

We know that links pointing to pages that do not exist, that 404 or some soft 404, are links that are not counted by Google – that is not new. But John Mueller of Google spoke about how sometimes you can redirect old 404 pages and that link may pass to the new page, even […]

Google Will Possible Simply Ignore Widget Hyperlinks And Not Penalize For Them

As you know, Google has a webmaster guideline against widget links (since 2016), despite what some SEOs want to tell yourself. But the good news, and we knew thisthat Google will likely just ignore those links and not penalize your site for those links today. In 2017, John Mueller said Google will probably just automatically […]

Google Hyperlink Velocity ​​Distinction Between Absolute Vs Relative Hyperlinks

Is there a speed difference between using absolute versus relative links and if so, does it matter to Google. I am pretty sure there is no speed difference and I am confident that either way, it won’t matter for Google SEO reasons. This was a new SEO question that I’ve never seen before, the question […]

Google Says Links With UTM Parameters Are Not By Default Paid Links

John Mueller of Google has to say on Twitter that just because a link has UTM parameters on them, it doesn’t make it a paid link. He said “links with UTM parameters are just links.” “They’re definitely not considered paid links,” he added. In fact, we covered this topic not long ago saying URL parameters […]

How Reciprocal Links can profit your website positioning (& How they can not)

Link building plays a strategic role in a digital marketing strategy and can be highly beneficial to your business. This doesn’t mean, however, that any and all types of links are always worth your while. One in particular, reciprocal links, are often confusing in whether or not they actually provide value. The theory or expectation […]

Google says you may ignore poisonous hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller said it again, when it comes to “toxic links” you can ignore them. If you lose sleep at night because of them and it makes you sleep better, you can disavow the connections – but you don’t have to – said John Mueller, just ignore them and move on. Not sure which […]

Bings IndexNow for WordPress, Google search engine marketing Themes, Hyperlinks in 2022, and extra

It’s been a slow start to 2022, but I think that will be welcomed by most of you – I got my January 2022 Google Webmaster Report live, if you even got off the hook you will read it and want to catch up on it there . Microsoft Bing has released a WordPress plugin […]

Google says the variety of hyperlinks isn’t a helpful metric

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that the number of links is not a useful metric for SEO purposes. He also said that by the time you calculate all of your links that number has probably changed – so it’s not a good use of your time. John wrote that “there is no way to […]

Google says hyperlinks usually are not obligatory for rating in Google search

Google’s John Mueller said again that links to your website are not a prerequisite or a mandatory requirement for ranking in Google search. He said that back in 2015 also, but said again in 2021 that links are not a requirement for ranking. Of course, if you want to rank on an obscure and uncompetitive […]