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Google Notes Utilizing JavaScript For Hyperlinks Can Be Crawlable Too

Google has added a single “note” to the create crawlable links help documentation to say that links generated by JavaScript, where the link is visible, can be crawled by Google. Google added this line “Note that links are also crawlable when you use JavaScript to insert them into a page dynamically as long as it […]

The Professionals and Cons of Your Model Utilizing Affiliate Hyperlinks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In today’s world of digital publications, online shopping and influencer recommendations, more media outlets are turning to affiliate marketing programs to make easy money. Essentially, these programs partner with editors and media outlets to promote your products in exchange for a percentage of commission. The affiliate program, […]

Google Says Links Will Be Much less Of A Rating Issue In The Future

Google has published on the Search Off The Record podcast, which was a recording from brightonSEO session, where John Mueller of Google said that he believes that over time, links as a ranking factor will be not as important and not as big as a ranking factor as it is today. In short, links won’t […]

One other Google Algorithm Replace, A Confirmed Search Bug, Spam Targets, Links Much less Useful, Key phrases In Critiques For Native & Extra

To start things off, I quickly covered the monthly Google webmaster report. Google also had some big unconfirmed update on or around October 28th. Google confirmed a search bug with top stories and search features starting on October 18th through October 28th. I provided one example of one site that got slammed by the Google […]

Weak Google Useful Content material Replace, Hyperlinks In Search Algorithms, Google Ads Glitch & Extra

This week, again from Jerusalem, I spoke about this weird rollout for the Google helpful content update. It is weak and slow, but Google did release a form to submit feedback, while the update is not just yet done rolling out (at least at the time of preparing this video on Friday morning around 1 […]

Google Says No Latest Search Algorithms Targeted On Hyperlinks Outdoors Of Webspam

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he is not aware of any recent search algorithm update that focused on links, outside of webspam algorithms. He said this when someone asked how relevant links will be in the future to Google’s ranking algorithm. Well, first, John shared a poem on links and signals, which I […]

Google On Cloaking Affiliate Hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller was asked about the pros and cons of cloaking affiliate links. John responded on Twitter saying, “I don’t think you gain anything by cloaking the affiliate links, it just adds complexity. You can use a DB-driven setup without cloaking too.” The question was “as an affiliate, I’ve used cloaking to manage the […]

Google Says There Is No Goal Manner To Depend Hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller reiterated something he said before, he said on Twitter “there is no objective way to count links.” He said this in 2019 when he said, “counting links on the web correctly is technically impossible, and everyone just makes different approximations & assumptions.” John later added saying, “don’t focus on the number of […]

Google Says Rating Points By no means Associated To Ratio Of Observe To Nofollow Hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller said on Reddit that any SEO or search ranking issues your site has would not be related to any sort of ratio between follow to nofollow links on your site. John said it is just not a thing and not the cause of any ranking issues. John said “Any problem your site […]