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New Google PagePace ​​Insights is dwell

Google started it yesterday roll out the revised and new PageSpeed ​​Insights in their new home at pagespeed.web.dev. It includes a number of UI changes to make reporting easier to use and understand, and some under the hood changes too. Yes, Google announced this on November 3rd but only showed up yesterday. Google made a […]

Google Maps provides pickup at Krogers, restaurant worth ranges, extra indoor navigation, and extra

Google had added Today there are a number of Google Maps features, including more pickup with Google specifically in Krogers, restaurant price ranges, indoor map navigation, and the occupancy of venues in a given neighborhood. Pick up with Google Pickup with Google Maps now includes Kroger family stores such as Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs and Mariano. […]

Google about swaying on the fringe of the core knowledge of Web Vitals fields

Have you ever seen a chart in your Page Experience report or Core Web Vitals reports that shows Core Web Vitals data and then does no more and then again? If you do this, you are not alone, it means you are “on the verge of having enough field data to properly evaluate the CWV,” […]

Bryan Cush On Health website positioning with schema, structured knowledge and Google EAT

In the first part, Bryan Cush, the co-founder of the Tidal Health Group, and I talked about how to use health data for content and search marketing and in part two we dug ourselves in with medical databases, local search and EAT & YMYL. In the third part (note, there is a fourth part) we […]

Scroll to Textual content for Sitelinks in Google Search

Google now has the scroll-to-text function for sitelinks in Google search results. Google published these with Featured Snippets in 2020 but have tested it since 2018, and it now seems to work for some sitelinks. It’s a topic we’ve covered a lot, just search for it in the search box on this website. But Google […]

Google Search No outcomes discovered Fishing recreation Easter Egg

A few days ago in the Black Hat World forums I spotted a thread that I honestly thought was trying to fool me. It showed a screenshot of the Google search results page that couldn’t find any results, but Google added these animated GIFs of the fishing game. I thought I was being faked. But […]

Google Spam Replace rollout accomplished in November

It took Google about eight days for the Spam update in November, the rollout began on November 3rd. This update targeted content spam measures that violated Google’s webmaster guidelines. It seemed to have a more significant update than the previous spam updates. Here is Google’s announcement of the rollout and its completion: This update is […]

Google November Spam Replace Accomplished, Google Testing IndexNow, Googlebot IP Addresses, and Extra

I’ll start by announcing the winners of the Squid Game contest I had last week. Google completed the rollout for the November spam update after 8 days. This November Google spam update seems big, at least it has some legs. Some suggest that this update also targets camouflaged spam content with inserted links. Google said […]

Google Video on find out how to block CSS information, refresh sitemaps, delete RSS, and extra

Google’s John Mueller posted a two-minute video that answers four SEO-related questions about blocking CSS files, updating a sitemap, deleting RSS files, and getting a website back into Google search. Most of them are pretty straightforward SEO questions, so I think that’s why he answered them all in about two minutes. Here is the video: […]