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What Is Local Search Engine Advertising?

Search engine optimization (SEO) connects online audiences to your web content through on-page copy that contains common keyphrases people type into search engines. And if it’s a storefront business you’re marketing, local SEO—or local search engine marketing—will help you reach more specific audiences based on geographic keyphrases. Here, we’ll cover the importance of local SEO, […]

Google Search Generative Experience – It’s All New AI Search Engine

Google announced a preview, a labs experiment, of its all-new search engine, it is calling Google Search Generative Experience. This is where Google brings in generative AI into the search interface and makes a search interface designed more for a youthful audience. I covered this in great detail on Search engine country so here I […]

New Google Search Engine, Magi, April Critiques Replace, Web page Expertise, Useful Content material, FAQs & Generative AI Ads

What a busy week, we had Google confirm it is working on an all-new search engine that uses AI and Bard. There is no ETA for when that will go live, but in the coming months we will see more minor updates to Google Search to embed AI throughout; this is code-named Magi. Google’s April […]

AI-Powered Bing Might Exchange Google as Samsung’s Default Search Engine

If you’re a long-time Samsung user, you’re undoubtedly used to your devices coming complete with Google installed as the default search engine, and with good reason. Google has been the search standard to beat for years now, so much so that its name has become synonymous with the idea of ​​using a search engine in […]

5 Methods to Change search engine optimization Methods in an AI Search Engine World

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Since Google Search first launched in 1998, there didn’t appear to be much change in the search engine landscape. Users typed in their query and were presented with a list of blue links. But now, the two largest search engines, Google and Bing, are making major changes […]

Not All Googlebots Use Similar Rendering Engine & Render JavaScript

John Mueller of Google said not all Googlebots use the same rendering engine, in fact, not all Googlebots need to do rendering John added. So while the main desktop and mobile Google search crawlers, the main Googlebots, do rendering and render JavaScript pretty well, not all the Googlebots do or need to. John said this […]

Google Is Planning To Include Chatbot Options To Its Search Engine This Yr

We’re all used to Google telling us how to rank well, how to produce good content for people and give them good experiences. It was then that ChatGPT arrived in full force, showing endless possibilities to create content in different ways and changing the future marketing trends. In a way, Google didn’t care so much, […]

2022 Prime Contributors To The Search Engine Roundtable

As you all know, I source a lot of forums and Twitter threads (now Mastodon as well) here for the stories that I write. Without the amazing individuals that make up the search industry, this site would not exist. In fact, when I started this site over 19 years agoits purpose was to cover what […]

The Search Engine Watch High 5!

First, congratulations on surviving 2022, you’ve done great! 2022 was surprising, unique, and a challenging mix of several global events that kept us on our toes as consumers, brands, and search marketing professionals. The recession, great resignation, a war, FIFA finale, and several silent battles we all fought by ourselves. As we recap the year […]

Search Engine Roundtable’s nineteenth Anniversary

It has now been 19 years that I’ve been writing on this site, covering what you – the search marketers are talking about from within the search community. Today marks the 19th anniversary of the Search Engine Roundtable. I’ve been writing about search for over 45% of my life – which is insane – it […]