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Google Maps 2021 Spam Efforts Embrace 100 Million Fraudulent & Abusive Blocks

Google announced its 2021 Google Maps and Google Business Profile spam fighting efforts, like it did for the 2020 year. Google said it blocked more than 100 million Business Profile edits and protected over 100 thousand businesses from suspicious activity and abuse attempts. Google has been trying hard to portray a better image for its […]

Dad doubles the worth of his home with DIY efforts and saves £75,000 in tradesmen charges

A homeowner has told of how he has managed to double the value of his property with his remarkable DIY efforts – saving himself £75,000 on tradesmen fees. NHS-worker Alex Dodman says he has built himself a dream home by watching how-to videos on YouTube. The 36-year-old secured a secret, trendy fold-down bed for his […]

Twilio Expands Regionalization and Schrems II Efforts

First published to the Twilio blog on February 25, 2021. Visit the original post here. Transfers of EU personal data to the US and other third countries have long been an area of concern for privacy-conscious EU customers and EU data protection authorities. On July 16, 2020, these concerns came to the fore again when […]

Google’s efforts to search out an integrative language in search

Google’s John Mueller and Martin Splitt had two special guests on their podcast show this week to talk about how Google is tackling inclusive language in search – a topic we’ll briefly cover only covered over here once. The short version of this 30-minute podcast is that Google search automatically processes including language, as it […]

YouTube’s Testing a New ‘Search Insights’ Tool to Assist Information Your Content Efforts

YouTube is working on a new Insights function for YouTube Studio which provides information about what users are looking for in the app, both in relation to your channel and your content specifically as well as for more general searches. Each element can be very valuable in your content planning. The new feature called “Search […]