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Local search engine optimisation: The Definitive Information (2024)

How To Track Map Pack Rankings One of the first steps in any local SEO campaign is to benchmark where you’re at. Specifically, you want to see where you rank in The Map Pack. And track your Map Pack rankings over time. Pretty much every rank tracker on the planet has Map Pack tracking. The […]

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2023? The Definitive Information

Advertisement Many people are wondering whether being an affiliate marketer is still worth it. With the rise of social media and other digital marketing techniques, there are now tons of different ways for companies to promote themselves and their own offers. Many are now questioning whether affiliate marketing is becoming outdated. However, the truth is […]

Single Decide-In vs Double Decide-In – The Definitive Reply to the Age-Outdated Query

Have you ever wondered what opt-in process is the best for your email marketing campaigns? Is it single opt-in or double opt-in? Although the debate between these two processes has been going on for years, there wasn’t a definitive answer – until now. Tl;dr: Single opt-in outperforms double opt-in in terms of list growth and […]

The Definitive Information to Email Typography: Best Font for Emails

With more than 200,000 fonts available for use, it’s clear that the digital world cares a great deal about how letters look. Different fonts serve different purposes, so selecting the right font is about legibility, conventions, utility, and a brand’s style.  We’ve mostly moved on from Times New Roman to the modern-looking Arial (Gmail’s default […]

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Learn the Definitive Reply

The Internet is a sea of over a billion websites. 500 million of them are blogs and there are dozens of reputable blog hosting platforms that account for a large segment of the blogging industry.  As a result, blogs have become more accessible to visitors, creators, businesses, and organizations.  But simply writing and publishing a blog […]

The Definitive Information To Landing Page Best Practices & Examples

A landing page is one of the most crucial tools in digital marketing. It plays a huge role in determining the overall success of your marketing efforts.  A well-designed landing page makes generating new leads and customers feel almost effortless. But unfortunately, creating such a landing page is no easy feat. From headlines, CTAs, copy, […]

Real Estate Email Marketing: Definitive Information for 2022

If you are a real estate agent, it would be silly not to take advantage of one of the most powerful marketing channels out there: email marketing. Email is a foolproof way to reach out and touch your audience with information that they want, need, or care about. In this blog post, we’ll cover how […]

Video Advertising and marketing: The Definitive Information (2021)

Template # 1: The instruction video The how-to video is what it sounds like … It’s a video that shows someone how to do something, like baking a cake or doing a push-up. For many companies, how-to videos are their bread and butter. In fact, how-to videos are like a video version of blog content. […]

Advertising and marketing With Video: The Definitive Information

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. Video marketing is an effective tool that you can use to promote and sell any product. It’s also a great way to build customer relationships in the digital age of communication. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of video production or editing software experience to […]

Email Advertising: The Definitive Guide

The content newsletter The content newsletter is a newsletter that 100% pure value. The value can be given in the form of a handful of tips. Or links to helpful resources. Or a personal story. The exact nature of the value doesn’t matter. As long as you do not introduce anything, you are good. In […]