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Connecting the Dots: Uniting website positioning and Social Media Strategies for Stronger Brand Identity

Connecting the Dots: Uniting SEO and Social Media Strategies for Stronger Brand Identity In the fast-paced digital marketing domain, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media represent two fundamental elements that shape a brand’s online identity. Each plays a pivotal role, yet when they converge into an effective seo strategy, the combined effect amplifies the […]

Supercharge Your Marketing by Connecting These Technologies

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Almost every superhero has a sidekick. It’s not that Batman isn’t capable of amazing feats on his own, it’s just that he can accomplish so much more with Robin at his side. Duo do-gooders, or even partners in crime, can be unstoppable together rather than alone. Would […]

TikTook Publishes New Guide to ‘Shoppertainment’ and Connecting with Customers within the App

TikTok has repeatedly explained that it’s not a social media appit’s an entertainment platform, with a focus on showcasing the best video content, not building a social graph to connect users with friends, as such. That approach also extends to advertising in the app, and facilitating connection between users and products, via what TikTok calls […]

Straight out of faculty, this entrepreneur discovered his area of interest in connecting India’s high influencers and types

Influencer marketing was a little-known concept until just a few years back. Cut to 2022, two years after a global pandemic forced a large part of the population indoors with increased dependence on digital and social media, companies are seen leaning heavily towards influencers to attract customers. Evidently, brands have realised influencers have a sway […]

The area of interest impact: How non-traditional manufacturers are are connecting with avid followers on TikTok

Sandwiched between the viral dance trends, lip sync videos and endless challenges, telehealth company Wisp created its own popular moments with posts about destigmatizing sexual wellness. That meant publishing videos on everything from herpes education to information regarding birth control, on TikTok’s main feed: the For You Page. Call it the niche effect, a phenomenon […]