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Publishers Involved With AI Powered Search From Google & Bing

It is somewhat satisfying to see non-SEOs dig deeper into how search is changing at Google and Bing and to hear the concerns they have about these changes. We covered your concerns as SEOs and publishers a week ago but now the big publishers are voicing their concerns around AI-search and what it means for […]

Most SEOs Are Not Involved About ChatGPT Threatening search engine optimization

ChatGPT is cool, very cool, in fact, I used it for fun for my video introduction earlier this month, but does this put SEOs out of a job? Will it write all of our content, will it give SEO recommendations, and will it provide coding examples, that will replace the needs for SEOs? Most SEOs […]

Folks Are Involved About How Corporations Are Using Their Data

Every year, there is a competition between bars in some cities in Brazil, my native country, in which the bar with the public’s favorite meal wins. Last week, I went with some friends to one of the participating bars and, at the end, we received a form to give our grading of the meal. As […]

74% Of Entrepreneurs Are Involved With Privacy Modifications

If you work with email marketing (as basically all marketers do), you’d probably have been concerned about how all recent privacy regulations and changing industry rules are affecting your strategies—and how to adapt to all that. Well, you’re not alone: ​​a survey called “email in 2022” pointed out that 74% of marketing leaders are concerned […]

New Survey Reveals that Social Media Customers are More and more Involved About Knowledge Privateness [Infographic]

Are you more concerned about the security of your online information than you were last year? A series of high-profile hacks, as well as reports of data breaches, have sparked a new debate about how social platforms use the information you submit, or how it can be made available to others. And according to a […]