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Best AI Chatbots: Revolutionizing Buyer Interplay and Business Communication

Do you know about AI chatbots? One type you’re probably acquainted with is the little talking windows that pop up on most business websites these days. Some chatbots, like ChatGPT, are text-based and operate on platforms, while others may use voice interfaces or be integrated into specific messaging apps. For businesses, these are automated tools […]

The Future of Communication: Exploring the Benefits of the Nothing Phone

Home Business Magazine Online In today’s day and age, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without a phone. We rely on our phones to stay connected with loved ones, stay on top of work emails, check social media, and even order food. But what if there was a phone that did the exact opposite of […]

How to Create a Startup Crisis Communication Plan: Seven Steps to a Solid Plan

Home business magazine online By JoshWilson No one wants to think that they will ever face a crisis in their business when making the plan for their startup. However, statistics show that between 2014 and 2019, 69% of business leaders experienced at least one business crisis, with many experiencing more than one during that time. […]

How to construct higher relationships with Two-Way Communication

One of the biggest problems that many brands face in their digital marketing programs is the silo effect.  The silo effect refers to the lack of communication and sharing of information across different groups.  Whether it’s because of inefficient tools, poor departmental practices, or other barriers, when there isn’t clear communication, the business suffers.  While […]