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We may have had another update, an unconfirmed Google Search algorithm update on June 27th and 28th. Google’s Danny Sullivan talked about how Google communicates about Google algorithm updates at the Google NYC SEO meetup. Google has updated the rich results guidelines to disallow marking up products that are widely prohibited or regulated, or that […]

Google Says They Are Speaking About Extra Algorithm Updates

Another point from the Google NYC SEO Meetup the other night was that Danny Sullivan at Google said Google has been more active about communicating about algorithm updates now than ever before. Danny said Google communicates more often about algorithm updates, which is why it feels that there are so many more updates now than […]

Google’s New Language Tool: Speaking Inclusively

Companies in general have a huge potential role to play in building a more inclusive society. There are many ways they can start doing it, and one important topic we have seen many companies working on is including language. Recently, Google announced a new “inclusive language” function that is intended to flash a warning if […]