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Google Ads Sync Columns & Segments Throughout MCC Accounts

Google Ads now lets advertisers sync columns and segments across the same or different accounts, using MCC accounts. There is this option to let you choose which account to apply your preferences from in the Google Ads dashboard. This was spotted by Natasha Kaurra and posted on Twitter, she said, “Spotted New Google Ad Feature: […]

Google Ads Adds New Means To Create Customized Columns

Google announced a new way to create custom columns in Google Ads. Google said it is “adding new metrics and features that make it easier to view your data.” Here is what you can do now with custom columns in Google Ads: Include spreadsheet functions. Calculate and compare metrics across date ranges. Reference other custom […]

Politically Right Pastors | Columns

Something God placed in my heart as a pastor is the idea of “re-churching the church.”   The Church in America has become weak, ineffective, cowardly, and has strayed from preaching God’s full counsel to the ecclesia (the church), which means “called out ones.” When Jesus chose the word ecclesia to define what He was building […]