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Instagram Adds New Music Choices, Including Soundtracks for Collaborative Posts

Music on static posts or profiles feels very MySpace, but maybe there’s a place for it, and maybe, making people listen to some Jack Jones track over your holiday snaps will improve the viewing experience. Instagram seems to think so, as it’s adding another music element, with users now able to add a song that […]

Instagram Exams New Collaborative Posting Choice to Encourage Participation

This could be interesting. Instagram is experimenting with a new option that would enable users to add their own images and videos to an existing post, facilitating more direct collaborations in the app. As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, when switched on, the new option would enable post […]

LinkedIn Goals To Enhance Engagement By Tapping Into AI With Their New ‘Collaborative Articles’

Along with a plethora of others new features other tools, LinkedIn has recently announced Collaborative Articles. This new feature is designed to bring in opinions and advice from professionals across the platform in answer to prompts from AI. The new feature is intended to provide several benefits: Members get help and advice from real people […]

Indian Navy and IIM Nagpur Joint Collaborative Efforts in Area of interest Management Domains

Indian Navy and IIM Nagpur signed an MoU on 13 October 2022 to explore opportunities to train, up-skill and re-skill Armed Forces Personnel, Indian Navy personnel in particular, in emerging areas of Business Management, Financial Management, Block Chain, Project Management, Strategic Management, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, Logistic Management and Research. This will facilitate career enhancement/ […]

Deepen your Bluescape information via collaborative studying

How professional teams become even more distributed, Organizations rely heavily on their employees to learn the tools and software available to them to get the job done. Without access to the information and knowledge required to get started, however, employees often feel overwhelmed, which leads to obstacles in projects and postponements. We created a solution […]