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Google Updates Charts & Weblog Posts On Natural Search Traffic Drops

A few years ago, Google’s Daniel Waisberg wrote two blog posts, one on analyzing Google Search traffic drops and the other on optimizing website performance with a Search Console bubble chart. Both those blog posts are now new evergreen Google search help documents with significant changes to the content and illustrations. The new documents are […]

Turbo-Charge Your Social Media Marketing with Flow Charts

Turbo-Charge Your Social Media Marketing with Flow Charts In today’s competitive digital landscape, standing out amidst a sea of content can be challenging. Social media marketing requires strategy, consistency, and clarity. One underutilized tool that can greatly enhance your social media game is the humble flow chart which you can design yourself using flowchart maker. […]

Artist Rachel Spelling discovers a brand new area of interest in miniatures along with her tiny artworks on paint charts

A chance reading of a magazine article opened up a different method of working for Rachel Spelling. It not only introduced her to new artistic influences but to a new way of working. As Spelling describes it, “I had a turning point in 2018 when I read an article in the World of Interiors about […]

TikTok Leads Christmas Day Obtain Charts, New Markers of the Coming Metaverse Shift

TikTok is expected to continue its growth momentum well into 2022, with the short-form video app at the top of the download charts on Christmas Day, while VR and the wider Metaverse shift also saw some key consumer indicators in the app tracking company’s latest data App Annie. First of all, about the total downloads […]

Colt Sliva on turning into an web optimization engineer and visualizing search charts

Colt Sliva came to my field office to talk to me about SEO. At the beginning I asked him a few personal questions to keep him tense – just kidding. We talked about his career, he’s the SEO engineer at iPullRank, the place is run by Mike King with whom I spoke before. He started […]