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Google Ads Certification Now Requires You To Record Yourself Taking The Check

Google Ads has a certification program and has had one for a while. But Google is now requiring some, if not all, advertisers who take the certification exam to record themselves while they take the test. PPC Greg received an email notification from one of Google’s certification exam partners with the details. The new requirements […]

Your Abilities Will Match Proper In! [Friendly Workplace Certification Award Win]

We all want a workplace that’s in harmony with the people, allowing our talents to shine – including us. A modern approach with an actual balance between the rest of our lives and our work life. With a space for open dialogue and communication, supporting our mental and physical well-being. An environment that acts as […]

Snapchat Adds New Certification Course to Help Construct Expertize in Snap Ads

Snapchat has a. added new certificate course when it comes to ad optimization Snap focus Educational platform that provides another way to build your Snap Ads expertise and showcase your understanding of the platform in an official, recognized capacity. As explained by Snap: “Snapchat advertising manager optimization is a five-course certification path designed to help […]