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5 Insights From The State of Marketing Report 2023 That Caught My Eye As A Marketer

The marketing world has been evolving pretty fast. In the first few months of 2023 Artificial Intelligence brought lots of new possibilities and challenges to professionals around the globe. Keeping up with the trends is a must if you are willing to be a successful marketer. We can easily see trends on social media, but […]

Jeremy Meindl On Manipulating Google Search & By no means Being Caught

Jeremy Meindl is the co-founder of Target IQ and we spoke about the hotel we are in, its history of it, and the fire he risked his life showing how you cannot burn yourself. Jeremy spoke about his history in a super transparent way and how he got into spam and then became a professional […]

Google says that generally black hat search engine optimization works and you will not get caught

Google’s John Mueller admitted on Twitter that sometimes black hat SEO and risky practices work and you don’t always get caught. But he added that sometimes you can get caught and “not getting caught doesn’t mean it works”. But he added that building a business on these practices “seems like a terrible idea”. It is […]