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[Case Study] 146% ROI from Easy mVAS Offer in Tier 3 GEOs

Advertisement Are push ads really dead? Far from it! This case study is the proof. In this case study, I’ll show you how a simple push ads campaign can generate exciting revenues through a combination of irresistible offers, top-notch traffic sources, and reliable support. Initial Set-up I wanted to use push notification ads specific to […]

[Case Study] Daily Budget Optimization: Elevating Advertising ROI

Advertisement Staying competitive and achieving a high return on investment (ROI) requires not only effective ad creatives but also smart budget management. The Adcash’s Daily Budget Optimization feature is a game-changer in this regard, offering advertisers a powerful tool to make the most of their advertising spend. In this comprehensive case study, we’ll explore how […]

Important Customer Interview Questions for Participating Case Research

Case studies are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, capable of highlighting your successes and showcasing your ability to deliver results. However, their effectiveness highly depends on the nature of the customer interview questions you ask.  What are the right questions to ask in a case study interview?  The questions will largely depend on […]

Cellular Content material Offer + ProPush: 40% revenue [Case Study]

advertisement Founded back in 2019, ProPush has quickly climbed the ranks and established itself as one of the most innovative push services out there. Known for its ability to increase revenue without hampering the user experience, ProPush is an ideal solution for affiliates and webmasters alike. Let’s dive deep into one of the many cases […]

Google Publishes A New website positioning Case Research

A couple of weeks after I said I thought Google would stop publishing SEO case studies, Google just published a new one. This one is on How Vimeo improved video SEO for their customers, specifically by using the indexifembedded rule combined with noindex and adding structured data. As a reminder, recently, Mariachiara Marsella asked John […]

Google On website positioning Case Research

Google has this SEO case studies and success stories page since 2019, and they have updated it a few times, I believe. Recently, someone Mariachiara Marsella asked John Mueller if Google could add new case studies. John Mueller responded on mastodon“I find it quite challenging for us to do these since search is so dynamic.” […]

7 e mail advertising case research to encourage your success

Email remains the key marketing channel for a reason – it brings business results. With email, you can build a contact list with your target audience, learn what they need to know to become successful, and send them relevant information that helps solve their problems and decide whether to buy your products or services.  Also, […]

[Case Study] Sports Betting in India: 105% ROI in 5 Weeks

India has long been one of the world’s most sought after betting markets. With a betting population of more than 140 million regular bettors, it’s no wonder that India is a hotbed for E-commerce and iGaming. But how lucrative can it really be, and how easy is it to enter the market? In this article, […]

Google Wins Courtroom Case Towards Russian-Primarily based Bot Rip-off Group

Google has won a significant court case against a group that had been operating a network of bots to manipulate its systems, which could have major implications for future cybercrime cases. The case relates to a Russian-based group called Gluptebawhich had used bot exploits to infiltrate millions of Windows devices. The Glupteba system stole user […]

A Case Research with Letterbox Gifts

One of the most tried and true social media strategies is to build a content calendar around celebrations, events, and holidays. This is especially the case for UK-based gifting company Letterbox Gifts. They’re a women-led business that aims to make sending gifts to friends & family easy and enjoyable, offering a range of curated and […]