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Wanting again at music in 2022: From Pearl Jam to Justin Bieber, Drake and Brandi Carlile, COVID nonetheless loomed

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Anthony Davis and Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder are almost never mentioned in the same article, let alone breath. Neither are teen-pop star Justin Bieber and the young San Diego buzz band Thee Sacred Souls. But all four — like many other artists in San Diego and beyond — were directly or […]

Brandi Carlile on Worshipping Dolly Parton, Her “Cult-y” Dwelling Scenario, and Telling Her Inner Youngster to Shut Up

Brandi-Carlile-last-word – Credit: Illustration by Mark Summers for Rolling Stone Brandi Carlile was looking forward to some time off when she finished work on her bestselling memoir, Broken Horses. But instead, when her friend Bernie Taupin sent her some poems he’d written, she found herself inspired to write an album’s worth of songs — just […]