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The One Issue to Invest in to Capitalize on a Recession

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Many businesses often prioritize cost-cutting measures during economic uncertainty. However, one strategy entrepreneurs should consider during a recession is investing in their salaried employees. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, there are several reasons why this can be a strategic move for businesses looking to survive […]

Tips on how to Capitalize On This Thriving Talent Pool to Drive Your Firm’s Development

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As business operations shift, executives and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to an on-demand workforce that is simultaneously empowered by technology and drawn to purpose-driven projects. Consider Upwork, whose 2020 Future of Workforce Pulse Report revealed that nearly 80% of hiring managers engaging freelancers feel confident about doing […]

Threads Continues to Add Extra Components because it Seeks to Capitalize on Early Curiosity

While Meta’s Threads app raced to 100 million members in less than a week after its initial launch, setting a new growth record, it’s dropped off significantly ever since, with the app now sitting on 128 million users 8 weeks out from its full release. That means that’s its only added another 28 million members […]

How Young Law Professionals Can Capitalize By means of Micro Area of interest Practices

Specialising in a niche subject and targeting a small segment of clients from a much broader market will help young law professionals set themselves apart, laser-focus their marketing, and become thought leaders in their niche. The ‘new normal’ has created many shifts in the legal industry, one of which is the rise of micro-niche practices. […]