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Jack Dorsey’s Former Boss Is Constructing A Decentralized Twitter

Evan Henshaw Plath poses at the MIT Media laboratory in October 2022. He discussed decentralized social networks during the Imagination In Action Event. He is co-hosted with Link Ventures, MIT Connection Science, and SME. Katherine Taylor When Twitter emerged in 2006, with its revolutionary 140-character microblogging platform, it didn’t take long for it to grow […]

You Want to Be a Part of Olive Tree People and Be Your Own Boss?

Home Business Magazine Online Real Leaders will receive up to $30,000 also to their commission + Tesla® or Mercedes® GL AMG (valid until 12/31/2016) Imagine if you had had a chance at the beginning of the cell phone era to participate in building the network of cell towers. You’d now be earning from every single […]

Podcast – Boss Brain – Pandemic Creates Tremendous Demand for Service Companies

Home Business Magazine Online Interview with author and nationally recognized expert for entrepreneurship For the 100 million Americans who want to become self-employed, the pandemic has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, according to today’s guest. The demand for service companies, which are an important sector of the domestic economy, is increasing rapidly. The ongoing pandemic has […]