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Bluescape Authentic Animation Short Behind the Scenes

For many of us, video meetings have become like driving or showering: so routine and unremarkable, you don’t even think about them. When you do think about them, you might be reminded just how odd it is to meet this way. Participants stare passively at their screens in a there-but-not-there dreamlike state. No one interacts […]

How to Organize Your Brainstorming Sessions in Bluescape

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? We want to be great organizers! Whether working remotely or in the same room, setting up the right workflow to build ideas is crucial to any project. This is why the Bluescape Community recently hosted a live training sessions to show users how to build […]

Bluescape Extends Attain Inside Public Sector with DoD IL5 Authorization

Bluescape is honored to announce that it has achieved a critical security standard that expands access to its leading online whiteboard and virtual workspace solution across the US Federal Government and the Department of Defense. Here at Bluescape, we’ve committed to delivering the highest security standards to our public sector customers. This is why we’re […]

How The Blacklist Creates a Digital Writers’ Room with Bluescape

The Solution: Creating a Digital Writing Room Bluescape helps Bokenkamp and his team improve the overall storyline process – even when they’re spread across the country. “In the past, we’d break stories on a whiteboard: writing, erasing, rewriting entire blocks of text that would then need to be transcribed and converted into a detailed outline,” […]

How the Creators of Fathead Streamlined Pre-Production with Bluescape

The Challenge: Building a Remote Pre-Production Process From the onset of the project, the Fathead team was facing some pressing issues. How would they work together remotely? How would their studio continue production during a pandemic? The crew initially tried to collaborate with Google Drive and via email, which resulted in utter chaos. There wasn’t […]

How Kuku Studios creates a digital story room with Bluescape

Solution: Create a virtual story room Kuku Studios selected Bluescape to create a “story rooms everywhere” Set of workflows. Content previously limited to physical files and local directories can now be uploaded, assembled, organized, and discussed within an unlimited Bluescape workspace. No longer tied to physical solutions and spaces, Kuku Studios can now realize the […]

Why Bridge Core Trusts Bluescape for Secure Visible Collaboration

The government is facing some of the same problems that many companies grapple with on a daily basis. To add an additional level of conflict, Many solutions do not provide a holistic picture of what has been done and what needs to be done to achieve overarching goals. The concept of “visual intelligence” was born […]

The greatest Bluescape Digital Whiteboard Updates of 2021

In early 2021, we committed to improving our product and features, and building the best secure and collaborative whiteboard Experience for everyone. This year we can say with confidence that we have kept this promise – thanks to the innovative and constructive feedback that you have given us along the way. Before we start into […]

Get fast assist within the Bluescape group

More time creating and less time waiting? If you have a problem with the tools you are using and need troubleshooting, what is your first instinct? Are you looking for the topic quickly to solve it yourself? Go straight to a support agent from the company’s website? Or just breathe in frustration and wait for […]

Deepen your Bluescape information via collaborative studying

How professional teams become even more distributed, Organizations rely heavily on their employees to learn the tools and software available to them to get the job done. Without access to the information and knowledge required to get started, however, employees often feel overwhelmed, which leads to obstacles in projects and postponements. We created a solution […]