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3 Varieties of Creative Blocks and Find out how to Overcome Them

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. I had every intention of writing this article yesterday morning. And then again, last night. And then this morning. But my team needed me, I had a couple of fires to put out, and honestly, I just didn’t really feel like doing it. When I finally sat […]

US Judge Blocks Montana’s Effort to Ban TikTok

TikTok has won another reprieve in the U.S., with a district judge blocking Montana’s effort to ban the app for all users in the state. Back in May, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed legislation to ban TikTok outright from operating in the state, in order to protect residents from alleged intelligence gathering by China. There’s […]

Google Heated Core Replace Accomplished, Spam Replace Accomplished, Twitter/X Blocks Bing, Paywalled Content material, search engine optimization, PPC, Ads & Local Search

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, we covered that the Google October 2023 core update is done rolling out; it was a super and incredibly heated core update. Google also finished rolling out the spam update this morning, and the overlap is upsetting. X/Twitter is now blocking Bing Search, Bingbot, from crawling. […]

Twitter (X) Blocks Bing Search

X, well, Twitter.com, is now blocking Bing Search, specifically Bingbot, from crawling and accessing content posted on Twitter.com, on the X platform. Twitter specifically added to its robots.txt file a directive to disallow Bingbot from crawling the content on its platform. Here is a screenshot of its robots.txt file: This was spotted first, I believe, […]

Google Ads Drops Industry Large Blocks For Trademarks

Google is updated its Google Ads trademark policies to do away with the ability to have industry-wide blocks for trademarked terms. Instead, you will need to do this on the specific advertiser level. Google said this will reduce over-flagging issues with ads when an advertiser might legitimately want to use a trademark term but Google […]

Twitter Blocks Content material In Turkey One Day Earlier than Nationwide Election

Turkish President Recep T. Tayyip nder (R) and CEO of Twitter Elon Musk met at the … [+]On November 8, 2017, the Presidential Complex was in Ankara. Turkish President / Murat Cetinmuhurdar/Getty Images Handout Getty Images Twitter announced late Friday that it’s blocking some content in Turkey ahead of Sunday’s presidential election in the country. […]

Supreme Court Blocks Texas From Enforcing Social Media ‘Censorship’ Law

Supreme Court Blocks Texas From Enforcing Social Media ‘Censorship’ Law top line The Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily blocked a Texas law aimed at restricting social media platforms ability to moderate users’ content, a law supporters say promotes free speech but that critics say would compel platforms like Facebook and Twitter to tolerate extremism. Facebook […]

Google Maps 2021 Spam Efforts Embrace 100 Million Fraudulent & Abusive Blocks

Google announced its 2021 Google Maps and Google Business Profile spam fighting efforts, like it did for the 2020 year. Google said it blocked more than 100 million Business Profile edits and protected over 100 thousand businesses from suspicious activity and abuse attempts. Google has been trying hard to portray a better image for its […]

Introduction of WooCommerce product blocks: Create a greater procuring expertise to your prospects

What if you could easily import your WooCommerce product lists into your emails with just a few clicks? And what if you could personalize these entries so customers see products that they want to see? ActiveCampaigns advanced eCommerce functions You can go beyond first-selling with the tools you need to turn one-time buyers into brand […]

What’s new in CXA? WooCommerce product blocks, Android options, B2B updates and extra

ActiveCampaign highlights a summary of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that scales with you. What improvements and new features were released in November? Build B2B relationships that will grow your business. Promote unified sales experiences that build lasting customer relationships. B2B improvements include new account improvements. Differentiating your […]