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Microsoft Bing’s New BingBot Now Totally Reside Right this moment

As a reminder, since April, Bing has been slowly testing a new BingBot user agent, rolling it out to more slowly percentages of crawls over the year. it should have rolled out to 100% of all crawls last month. But now Fabrice Canel said this week that it is near 100%, and an announcement is […]

50% Of Microsoft Bing Crawls Are New BingBot Consumer Agent

Fabrice Canel updated us the other day that now half of all crawling Microsoft Bing does is over the new BingBot user agent. About a month ago, it was 20%, then two months prior to that it what 5%. So it seems things are moving faster to upgrade fully to the new BingBot. Fabrice announced […]

Microsoft Bing Will Cease Utilizing Its Previous BingBot Person-Agent

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing announced on the Bing blog that the search company will retire the legacy BingBot user-agent in the Fall of 2022. Instead, Bing will use a user-agent that is more representative of its evergreen BingBot rendering engine. Bing announced the new user agents back in 2019 but I guess this now […]

AI Attorneys Demanding Hyperlinks, Google Not Stealing Content material, Previous Bingbot, Google URL Parameter Instrument & AdWords API Gone & Extra

This week in search, a reporter uncovered that sketchy SEOs are making up fake lawyers using AI to send out fake DMCA requests demanding links to their sites. Google was accused of stealing content and not crediting this source for that content, well, it turned out, Google was the one being copied, not he other […]