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Binaural Bedtime Meditation For Higher Sleep & Rest, New Mindfulness Beats

Magic Mind Meditation has updated their YouTube channel with new content, meant to help listeners fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. New York,United States – December 9, 2022 — Their new content focuses on promoting a calm environment before bed with a series of soothing binaural, piano, and ambient tracks. These videos are intended […]

Binaural Beats Advantages for Sleep, Anxiousness, Focus, and Extra

If the otherworldly, soothing tones of binaural beats have been popping up in your “listen to next” feed, you might be wondering what these mysterious beats are and why they’re taking over the internet. It’s not a new phenomenon—a scientist discovered them in the 1800s—but a quick search for binaural beats online uncovers hundreds of […]

Manifestation Mindset YouTube Channel | Binaural Beats Video Sequence Up to date

New York,United States – May 18, 2022 — Aimed at stressed-out professionals, the new Magic Mind Meditation videos include a mix of affirmations, sleep music, and binaural beats that provide a calming effect. The videos have been created by a team of mindset and manifestation coaches who are trained in the law of attraction and […]