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A Retrospective on Consumer Behavior in 2022 and Forecasts for 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly a major boost for technological acceleration and changes in consumer behavior. Trends were anticipated, and new behaviors emerged—from the way people search (Generation Z uses TikTok more than Google to do searches) to what people expect when buying and interacting with brands (such as seeking brands’ real purposes and a […]

Holiday Season 2022 Brings Adjustments In Client Conduct, According to Analysis. Are You Prepared For It?

The holiday season is upon us, and so is shopping for the festivities. This period has always been a reason for joy for brands and marketers, since together with hot chocolate to heat up in winter, consumption and the market are also heated up. However, in this particular year of 2022, some companies might be […]

Client habits shifts and new experiences are broadening fan engagement – Nielsen

While many industries are affected by the pandemic worldwide, global sports has seen the most significant impact. The return of sports fans midway through 2021 was greeted with cheers by all. However, sports fans’ behavior has evolved so much that it is difficult for the industry to go back to its pre-COVID state, in particular […]

Meta Provides ‘Personal Boundary’ Zones in VR to Restrict Harassing Conduct

It’s disappointing, but one thing that you can always be certain of with any socially-aligned technology is that some people are going to use it to harass and abuse others, in any way that they can. Most recently, that’s come up in virtual reality, with various incidents of women being attacked in Meta’s evolving VR […]