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Is Branded Content Marketing Superior to Traditional Marketing?

There’s no denying a traditionally executed content marketing plan can help you get the word out about your business and attract new customers.  But branded content marketing can give your digital marketing strategy the extra boost you’re looking for and deliver a higher return on your investment. However, knowing you’re ready to learn how branded […]

Instagram proclaims 60 second tales and will flip right into a TikTookay copycat

Instagram became a kind of wildcard for Facebook. (Oops, Meta; sorry, Zuckerberg!) The company could now consider the service a TikTok killer. It is nothing new. Instagram has been the “killer” of Snapchat and YouTube in the past. Snapchat was very hurt. But YouTube is stronger than ever – until today. Now Facebook (sorry, Meta!) […]

Ought to You Just Ignore Keywords When Writing Content For website positioning?

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. Few marketing strategies have gone through as much evolution and development as search engine optimization (SEO). It’s been around as long as search engines, however the modern approach is radically different from what people did in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Back then, the SEO game […]

Will AMP go away anytime quickly? It appears so

Twitter recently added its Developer portal that the The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology is being phased out in the social network. The AMP was developed by Google in 2016 to speed up the loading of pages on mobile devices, and it helped drive adoption by rewarding pages that supported the technology with higher ranks […]

Greatest Productiveness Suggestions and Tools for Tech-savvy Content Creators

There are as many freelancers as office workers when it comes to creative professions. It depends on the persons’ needs and expectations – some of them prefer independent projects, others perform better in a team. But no matter the workstyle they maintain, they all were affected by the pandemic for sure. The same goes for […]

4 search engine marketing Lessons In Digital Internationalization

Becoming a global enterprise is such an undertaking that we often associate it with companies with large financial muscles, expansive processes and strong organizational decision making.  Despite its presumed complexity, in this digital era, many companies are assessing how to transition to a global presence and many have successfully aligned with this way of conducting […]

Why Everyone Wants a Social Media Crisis Management Plan

Love it or hate it, social media is where you need to be these days. Not only is it an open forum, placing you right where your customers hang out, but it’s also a way to interact with them on a more personal level. Yet, it also comes with a major disadvantage: you can’t control […]

Google’s new native search capabilities may very well be a possibility to your content material technique

The pandemic is with a wide variety of new digital behaviors. When users want something, they want it now and easily accessible. Google trends showed that searches for “news near me” increased threefold worldwide in the past five years. According to the research platform, the new local search functions aim to Improve visibility on local […]

Is website positioning Or PPC Higher For Your Enterprise?

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. One of the most common questions I get from business owners is a variation on the following: “Should I spend money on SEO or PPC?” It is a complex question that has no right answer. But I can help you understand the factors to consider when making […]

Branding YouTube campaigns can now generate income

A new feature has been introduced for Google Ads video campaigns: Advertisers can now showcase their products to all sub-types of video campaigns, including awareness and consideration. This is great news for YouTube advertisers and it will also help those using videos on other platforms through Google Ads. The new function opens a Opportunity to […]