Menachem Ani On Google Ads & Structuring Efficiency Max Campaigns

I went to Menachem Ani’s office, JXT Group, to chat all things paid search. We first spoke about he first got into the Google Ads business, he was doing Google Ads since the early times. He started in the space doing ads for eBay listings, using Froogle and Google AdWords in 2003. We then went off on some of the older days and the community.

In 2009 he started his own agency by doing some freelancing during a recession. It was a challenge, and scary, but it all worked out. And he focuses specifically on Google Ads with a slight focus on e-commerce, performance max, and lead generation. He also does Microsoft Advertising but it is a limited spend in general.

We spoke about how Google Ads has changed over the years and how complex it has grown.

But then we dove directly into how to structure PMax campaigns in Google Ads. Menachem said they like to condense the campaigns as much as possible. They look at the service breakdowns and also look at the goals. That defines how they segment into multiple campaigns. But then within campaigns, they break out asset groups within the product lines. But there is no specific number of campaigns, it depends on the client and what they sell. But the fewer campaigns, the better, he said.

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