Bing Chat AI Mannequin Enhancements Will Enhance Bing’s Core Search Algorithm, But Adjustments Will not All the time Be Synced

Did you know that some of the improvements being made to the Bing Chat AI models will lead to improvements to the Bing Search core ranking algorithms? Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, said this on Twitter yesterday.

Glenn Gabe asked him “So AI model improvements will ultimately improve Bing’s core search algo, but the updates to Bing Chat won’t necessarily be synced up with the core search updates. Is that right?”

In which, Mikhail Parakhin responded, “correct.”

But that doesn’t mean all the changes to the Bing Chat AI model will be synchronized to Bing Search. “Bing core search updates are much more frequent,” Mikhail Parakhin added.

So these AI improvements, while they may take months to train and be released, some of those updates may happen faster in Bing Search.

Here are the relevant tweets on this topic, so you can see the responses within context:

Yes, though not synchronized – Bing core search updates are much more frequent.

— Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) May 9, 2023


— Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) May 9, 2023

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