Customizable gaming headset in several colours

Teufel has introduced a new gaming headset that focuses on high customizability. The Teufel ZOLA comes in two basic colors, while the ear pads and micro protector as well as the two caps on the outer sides of the ear cups are available in six additional colors. But the ZOLA also wants to convince in terms of sound.

The Teufel ZOLA in detail

The new gaming headset Teufel ZOLA relies on 40 mm drivers, which are to present powerful bass, natural mids and clear treble. In addition, they promise an outstanding spatiality, which is supposed to improve the immersion.

The microphone also wants to score with an excellent quality, but the manufacturer does not provide concrete details or technical specifications. However, it reveals that it is an “optimally directed HD condenser microphone” that is supposed to enable clear communication even in loud environments.

On the PC, you also get the ability to adjust the sound thanks to the Teufel Audio Center. The sound card integrated in the USB dongle allows you to use DTS Headphone:X 2.0 on the PC for impressive 7.1 binaural surround sound.

Individualizable look and high comfort

Furthermore, the colorful Teufel ZOLA relies on a customizable look. The headset itself comes in basic Dark Gray and Light Gray colors. Each color can be combined with one of the six accessory colors when purchased. The ear pads and covers on the outside of the earphones, as well as the microphone protector, are available in Coral Red, Golden Amber, Grape & Aqua and Teal & Lime, in addition to the headphone colors Light Gray and Dark Gray.

Ear pads and microphone protectors are also removable and available as a set, while you can also repurchase the colorful covers to match the design in color. The ear pads themselves are supposed to be especially soft and offer a high wearing comfort.

The headset connects via USB or 3.5 mm jack and is thus compatible with platforms like PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox, smartphone or tablet. Adjusting the volume and muting the microphone is possible via the inline remote control.

Sounds promising in any case. However, tests will have to prove what the headset is ultimately capable of and how it fares against, for example, the Teufel CAGE or the CAGE ONE presented at IFA 2022.

The Teufel ZOLA at a glance

  • Gaming HD headset with extensive features
  • 40mm linear HD drivers for extremely deep, powerful bass, natural mids and silky highs for music, movies and gaming
  • Exceptional customization options: two base colors and six color sets for countless combinations – from timeless to hip to downright wacky
  • DTS Headphone:X 2.0 for immersive 7.1 binaural surround sound on the PC
  • USB connection for a lossless, digital, DSP-optimized transfer
  • AUX connection with secure bayonet lock including kink protection
  • Suitable for all devices with 3.5mm headphone jack such as PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox, smartphone or tablet
  • Inline remote control with volume control and mute
  • Immersion Over Ear Capsules with thick padding for high wearing comfort, very lightweight, suitable for eyeglass wearers:inside
  • Removable, adjustable microphone boom with HD condenser microphone and special directional pattern for best speech intelligibility even in the home office
  • Suitable for Discord, HD audio, VR/AR applications, sound adjustment on the PC in the Teufel Audio Center for ZOLA with professional 10-band EQ

Price and availability

The Teufel ZOLA headset is available now directly from the manufacturer, as well as in all Teufel stores. The manufacturer’s RRP is 129.99 euros. The covers are priced individually at 19.99 euros, while the set of ear pads and micro protectors costs 24.99 euros.

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