Social Media Accounts Aren’t The Only Platforms That Can Be Hacked

Social Media Accounts Aren’t The Only Platforms That Can Be Hacked


Hacking is something that has become all too common with the internet being as integral to our lives as it is today. While many people fear hackers gaining access to their social media, bank, or loan accounts, there are even bigger and more dangerous possibilities.

Cyber ​​attacks have risen dramatically over time. In 2015, suspects Russian hackers knocked out electricity for nearly 250,000 customers in Ukraine, with a similar attack toward Ukraine government occurring the next year. With the connection between cyber and physical assets growing, there is a growing risk to both network and physical infrastructure.

Adding to the threat of cyber attacks is the amount of remote workers since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. When employees work remotely, they are using less secure home networks and personal devices that are not as protected against cyber threats. More information was moved to the cloud during this time that could be targeted in a potential cyber attack. These attacks can compromise personal information, but also have the potential to destroy electrical grids, gas pipelines, or even power infrastructure.

While discussions of cyber attacks and cyber war are concerning, the US is ranked most secure for cyber war attacks. To ensure that the US continues to have the best cyber security, it is important to take necessary precautions.

Backing up important documents and emails offline can ensure you don’t lose any important information if there is an attack on the electric or power grids. Update your software regularly and make sure all important passwords are regularly changed to ward off potential hackers on your system. Learn more about cyber security and how to keep your information secure in the infographic below:

Next Gen Cyber ​​Warfare

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