Google Germany Asks Reviewer If They Object To Reported Critiques Being Eliminated

Did you know that in some countries, like Germany, if you report a review as being fake or spam, Google will email the reviewer about the objection and see if they respond? Mike Blumenthal spotted that in a Google Business Profile help thread.

You can see this business is complaining about a review being spam and/or fake and he reported the review. The response he received from Google translated into:

Thank you for your request. Since you are forwarding your letter regarding the following content to the authors have not objected we forwarded your complaint: kaushik salver

Should we get any response from the writer of the testimonial cited above received, it will be removed shortly. Many greetings.

Here is a screenshot (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Mike asked “Google, in Germany, sends the reviewer a notice that you objected and if they don’t object, then the reviews come down? Is that correct?”

Seems like that? Germany has interesting rules…

Forum discussion at Google Business Profile help.

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