Google Testing Extra Sitelink Designs

Google loves to test new designs and interfaces for the sitelinks it shows in the snippets of its search results. This one shows larger rectangular curved buttons under the snippet to the sitelink.

This was first spotted by Quentin Aisbett on Twitter who shared this screenshot:

Brodie Clark noticed some more variations and posted those on Twitter:

click for full size

So Saad AK spotted it:

Google > Mobile

I am seeing a new tiled look for sitelinks (with a dark gray background) + same for search Ads & sitelinks under the single search result.

Sending to: @rustybrick SIR.

— Saad AK (@SaadAlikhan1994) August 11, 2022

I cannot even count how many Google site link user interface designs I’ve seen over the years, can you?

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